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Per the state of Idaho your student MUST BE 14.5 YEARS OLD or older to register for a driver's education course.  DO NOT REGISTER YOUR STUDENT UNTIL THEY HAVE TURNED 14.5.  Our system date and time stamps each course.

If your student is 14.5 or older, they can start the online course without a permit number. 

During the registration process, you will set up a username and password for your student.  After payment has been made, give the student the username and password.  The student will click the LOGIN button on our website and enter the username and password.  The course will open and they can begin.  

The student will be required to have a permit number to get behind-the-wheel for the driving lessons.  If you do not have your student's permit number yet, please enter "WILL GET" in the permit number field during registration. 

If you have had already had a student go through our course, please use a different email address for the new student's registration.  Each student's course is attached to the email that you provide. 

Online Courses are available through Phillips Driving Learner Portal. Coursework can be completed anywhere! We will set up driving times that work around your schedule to complete the driving portion of the course.

We use interactive online courses that meets national standards for online learning and is approved by the State of Idaho. This program allows the student to work at their own pace to complete the coursework.

Please note that our online course works out of the Idaho Driver Handbook.  Please pick up a copy of the handbook at our office, 2361 S. Titanium Pl., Ste. 110, Meridian, ID (outside the front door in a black box) or at South Middle School, back by the tennis courts, under the staircase of the driver's eduction building.  The handbooks are also available at the DMV.  There is a PDF copy iof the book in the Media Library along with a printable vocabulary list.

Once the student has completed 100% of the online program, you can contact us to schedule their 6 hours of private driving instruction. We will provide them with a certificate of completion.  Their six months of the graduated licensing program begins upon delivery of the dated certificate of completion.

  • Pay $395 in full to Phillips Driving School by credit card, money order, or cash.
  • Student then will login into the Phillips Driving School Website. Click the LOGIN button and use the username and password set up during registration process.
  • Have the Idaho Driver Handbook at the ready during the class.
  • Complete 100% of course work online.
  • Work on getting the Instruction Permit from the DMV while taking the online course.
  • Contact us at 208-898-0120 to set up your 6 hours of private drive instruction - 3 appointments of 2 hours each.
  • Start Driving!


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