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This class is for Nampa School District students only.  Please do not enroll your student unless the student is currently enrolled in the Nampa School District.  

Idaho Arts Charter, Gem Prep, Pathways, Victory Charter, PREP, and Another Choice Charter do not qualify as a Nampa School District student unless they are dual enrolled.  

If you are registering more than one student, you will need a seperate email address for each student's registration.  If you have had another student go through our program, you will need to use a different email for the next student you are registering.

When registering your student, please click the "pay at orientation" option to secure your student's spot if you want to use Fast Forward Funds.  Please note: there are no refunds for credit card payments, so if you use a card, you will not be able to apply for the funding.  Your best option is to choose "pay at orientation".  With the Fast Forward Funds (a.k.a. Advanced Opportunities) money applied to this course, you will only have to pay $25.00 at the orientation.  That's right, only $25.00 for your student's driver's education course!

What is Fast Forward Funds? The Nampa School District will apply $225.00 towards the cost of your driver's education.  It's easy to apply for these funds and every student in the Nampa School District is eligible for these funds!  Contact the career counselor at your school for assistance in obtaining these funds.  You can apply now even if your student does not have a spot yet.  Click Student Portal and then Create an Account


The Nampa School District Driver's Education course is currently being provided as an online course.  (The course does not include any Zoom calls.)  The course is self lead and available 24 hours per day, seven days a week during the course dates.  

Upcoming classes:
November 29, 2021 - December 17, 2021 - opens for enrollment on 10/15/2021
January 10, 2022 - January 31, 2022 - opens for enrollment on 11/15/2021
No class will be held in February

Please note: This Nampa Driver's Education Program is offered at a reduced rate because the Idaho State Department of Education supplements the cost.


Price $255.00
Mon Jan 10, 2022 - Mon Jan 31, 2022
SOLD OUT Nampa School District | 1/10 - 1/31/22 | DRIVE 3 - 6 PM