Nampa Courses

Phillips Driving School contracts with the Nampa School District to carry out their public Driver’s Education Program. Our monthly classes serve Nampa students as well as any other students living in the surrounding area, including Homeschool and Charter School students. While any student can sign up for the Nampa course, please note that our vehicles leave promptly at 3:00 pm for the driving portion from Nampa High School, Skyview High School, or Columbia High School. We do not pick up at any other school in the valley - no exceptions. If you choose to register your student, you will be responsible to transport your student to the school that you choose during the registration process. The driving portion is two days each week from 3:00 to 6:00 pm for three weeks. We drop the students off at our classroom at 6:00 pm on the driving days.

A permit number is required to sign up for the Nampa driver’s education program. The permit number should be written on the receipt from the DMV. The permit number will begin with two letters followed by six numbers and another letter. If you register your student in the Nampa course without a valid permit number, the system will notify our office and we will remove your student's enrollment.

Our course consist of three weeks of classroom time Monday – Friday (2 hours each class) in addition to the six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and six hours of observation a couple times per week.

You MUST be 14 1/2 in order to begin driver’s education and already have been to the DMV to order your student’s permit.

We hold one class each month of the year except during summer months, we hold three classes in June and two classes in July during the day. WE DO NOT HAVE A CLASS IN AUGUST. We typically open each class for enrollment two months prior to the class starting.

(Please note: Our Nampa Driver's Education Program is offered at a reduced rate because the Idaho State Department of Education supplements the cost.)